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Re: Disco fails to turn on completely after first failed landing and minor crash!

We recommend you to create a Parrot Cloud account : FreeFlight Pro / My Flights. If there is informations synchronized with the app you will be able to share it with the customer service in order to understand what happened.
Moreover, on FreeFlight Pro, you can access to the informations of the last connected drone, sharing the serial number is needed (starting by PI or PS, you can find similar information on the box, with that format PF123456AA1A123456).

Hard landing can happen if the wind is on the back of the Parrot Disco, that is why we recommend to land into the wind.
- Can you also share pictures of the drone ?

- Can you describe how the flight happened ?

- What device have you plugged on the Skycontroller 2 (model and OS version ) ?

- What date and location the flight happened ?

To share a picture on Community, the picture has to be hosted on a dedicated website ( google drive, tynicpic, etc.) and the URL of the picture has to be posted with the "photo" icon available on the edition bar.

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Don't forget to search for related topics and knowledge base before posting a new topic. Please share your setup (smartdevice model + OS version + firmwares versions installed in the Parrot product). You can "Contact Us" to reach customer Service.


Disco fails to turn on completely after first failed landing and minor crash!

After my first flight and failed auto landing whereby the lens sustained some damage but no other components nor frame damage can be seen the unit was powered down, battery removed and  wings dismantled. Upon returning home and a battery charge to full the unit would no longer power on - with no lights turning on what so ever. No response or connectio nto sky controller or network SSID transmitted. Considering the unit was working when examined after the failed landing and sustaining no damage other than the camera frame I am baffled as to why it no longer powers on. Completley dead.... Will update this thread as parrot response to my support claim.  Note: I Also cannot access CHUCK or SSD via USB so no flight data can be obtained.