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Improve control of Camera

I'd like to see better control of the camera in Flight Plan where I can set pitch angle and type of still shot for the camera. Right now, shot type is limited as well as pitch angle in anything other than video mode. The command of the sensor in Flight Plan seems to have bugs, where the switch to video and camera modes is not taking place where/when commanded. It would also help in workflow if Parrot would post the specs for the camera other than just F F2.3. My post processing right now is hit/miss while I attempt to find the right parameters to use for PhotShop and Panorama tools.

Secondly, what about a Disco Pro version using a 41MP PureView Camera from Nokia/Microsoft Mobile? Put the better sensor in the forward looking bay out front or downward looking through the fuselage or at the current optical flow sensor position. The PureView is a great sensor and would be a remarkable technical feat if Parrot could bring the PureView Camera SDK and apps into the Disco architecture.