Re: Flight info has stopped recording.

Further to my earlier post, the camera is now starting to work erratically, pictures won't show up in the app for a few runs but then when they do show I can't transfer them to my iPhone, I need to connect the drone to my laptop to transfer them. Not all flights are still not showing up.

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Re: Flight info has stopped recording.

Hi Harley,
Flights infos are recorded in the memory of the drone. Is the memory full with pictures ? Try to reconnect with the drone to synchronise it with the app. By private message, can you share the serial number of the minidrone ? Have you a Academy / Parrot Cloud account, if yes, you can share your Academy username.
Let us know how this works for you !

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Flight info has stopped recording.

I had been using my Mambo this morning and after draining the batteries I put it away. After lunch I went to fly it again and I tried a few high speed runs and manovers, then went to look at the flight data. 

My last morning run and afternoon runs had not been recorded. 

I have deleted and reinstalled the app to no avail.


P.S. camera still works.