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Solved ff mini forceclosing on ipad mini ios11

I wish changes were documented.. in ios


I have to give FF mini permission to use the iPad camera to take pictures of the drone or iOS force closes the app every time.




I assume its some sort of new undocumented ios security where the os figures out the drone has a camera and therfore the app should be shot down if it tries to use the camera without camera permissions?   The video feed shows on the home screen though.  The forceclose is when I press "start" without ff mini camera permission enabled in setup-> free flight mini



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Re: Ipad app totally screwed now

Working fine on my Android 7.0

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Ipad app totally screwed now

not only is it always forceclosing and totally unusable...


But when I go in to check updates it says Mambo is 3.0.6 and then proceeds to download, yes, version 3.0.6


What the *


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Re: ff mini keeps force closing on iPad

I uninstalled then reinstalled the app. (slow on Cellular data)

It connected and worked ONE TIME but now just force closes every time I hit start!



iPad Mini 3 iOS 11 latest version of ff mini


It seemed to work fine a week or so ago


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ff mini keeps force closing on iPad

It won't work at all now and I dont know why.  It worked last week.   Now I can connect to the Mambo and get video but every time I hit Start it suddenly closes Smiley Sad