Re: !? how do I take pictures with the wifi cam?

there is a bug in ff mini.  I press the picture and record button on the phone screen but ff mini says no pictures or videos and that the sd card is empty.  But when I pull the sd card out and put it in the phone the pics and videos are there.


It is still unclear what buttons on the flypad are for video rec start/stop and which for bottom cam snapshot and which for fpv cam snapshot.


The instructions and KB are woefully lacking as typical here.


Nice drone though!   The camera quality is much better than most (toy) drones.



!? how do I take pictures with the wifi cam?

The manual and knowledge base only say how to use the bottom cam.

The wifi cam is doing fpv fine... but what button to start/stop video recording  and what button to shoot a picture with the fpv cam!?