FAQ: Parrot Flower Power application

Parrot Flower Power Application


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Can I connect to Parrot Pot from my computer?


No, you can only connect to Parrot Pot with your smartphone or tablet.


What are the advantages of the Parrot Flower Power app.?


There are several advantages to using the Parrot Pot application:


  • Personalized watering adapted to the specific needs of the plant.
  • Choice between 4 different watering modes.
  • Launch of live watering to give a demonstration or test Parrot Pot.
  • Complete monitoring of your plant's health. luminosity, temperature, level of fertilizer, soil moisture and water tank level.
  • Access to data history.
  • A 8000-plant database with personalized expert tips from top international botanists.
  • Suggestion of plants to suit to your location/region.


Must I have a user account to use the Parrot Flower Power application?


No, you may use the Parrot Flower Power application without a user account. However, your data will not be saved from one device to another.


Is it possible to use Parrot Pot with several different devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.)?


Yes, if you are using the same user account. One of the devices receives the data synchronized with the Parrot server and sends it to other devices connected to the same account. Alerts are sent to all devices connected to the same account.


Why was all my data from the previous Parrot Flower Power application transferred onto this new version?


When the application is updated, it automatically imports your old data, this data is then integrated into the new version. You must then install a new version of Parrot Flower Power as requested in the application.  

Case in point: if your Parrot Flower Power is linked to several plants, you will find the data history for all plants in the updated version, but only the last plant created will be linked to the Parrot Flower Power.


How many Parrot Pot can I connect to the Parrot Flower Power application?


You can connect up to 200 Parrot Pot with one Parrot Flower Power account. However, you can only collect data and interact with the live mode one Parrot Pot at a time.


My phone does not connect to Parrot Pot.


Check the following:


  • Does your phone have the latest OS version?
  • Does your phone support Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth low energy)?
  • Is the Bluetooth function on your smartphone or tablet activated?
  • Remove and re-install Parrot Pot's batteries.  When Parrot Pot restarts, check that the warning light is flashing green.

If you still cannot connect, call the after-sale service.


My Parrot Pot is greyed-out in Parrot Flower Power application menu. Why?


This means that the Parrot Pot is already linked to an account on the application. A message asks you if you still want to use this Parrot Pot. Answer Ok or Cancel.


To connect your Parrot Pot to several smart phones/tablets, use just one user account. 


How do I identify my Parrot Pot among several others available?


When accessing My garden in the Parrot Flower Power application, a list of available devices appears. The information displayed for each device allows you to identify your Parrot Pot easily:




  •  If you named your plant, look for the name among the plants displayed.
  • Unnamed plants have the designation "Parrot pot" next to 4 characters, for example: Parrot pot 1001.
  • A lighted panel indicates any currently connected Parrot Pot.
  • A greyed-out panel means that the device is already linked to an account on the Parrot Flower Power application.


How long will my data be stored in the Parrot Pot memory?


The data is frequently recovered via the application, depending on how often you are within range of the Parrot Pot. If the application does not connect to Parrot Pot after a long period of time (when you are on vacation for instance), Parrot Pot can store the data of your plant for up to one month.


Does my Parrot Pot record confidential data?


You may choose to make your data private.


1.   Go to Menu  icone_menu.png  > Settings, then swipe to the next page.


2.   Tap "ON" in "Collect anonymous information".


Why am I asked to install new software in the application?


The update of the product software allows you to enjoy new improvements.


What type of alerts am I likely to receive?


Alerts are programmed to warn you when:


  • You must fill the water tank.
  • The moisture level of the soil is low (for manual mode).
  • The battery level is low.


Do I have to be within range of the Parrot Pot to get an alert?


No, you get an alert even if you are not within range of your plant.


You can only recover data when you are within range of your Parrot Pot. Once the Parrot Pot learns about the plant, it can predict the dates when user will have to intervene.


If you do not synchronize the data, these dates are stored in the memory and you can receive an alert, even remotely.


It is thus preferable to be within range of your Parrot Pot to receive reliable alerts. Alert dates will be more precise if you regularly synchronize your data.


How would I know when to fill the water tank?


Several days after you have potted the plant, during which the Parrot Pot learns about the evolution of the plant, it becomes capable of predicting the date of the next tank filling. This information will appear in the application. An alert will be sent as soon as a tank filling proves necessary. It will be more precise if you synchronize your data regularly.


How can I not be disturbed by the alerts?


You can choose to receive the alerts at set times of the day.


Go to Menu icone_menu.png > Settings and configure the time of day when you want to receive notifications.


My plant does not figure in the database.


If your plant is not listed, you can select a plant from the same family.

Do not hesitate to tell us about this plant via the application in the search window.


How long will I have to wait before receiving some advice on my Parrot Pot?


After connecting a plant to a Parrot Pot, you have to wait 24 hours for the application to collect  sufficient data for a first analysis.


The application tells me I have to wait 24 hours before getting information on my plant. Why?


The algorithms controlling your plants must have at least 24 hours of data-collecting before providing advice. This 24-hour period is reset if you change plants or after installing a Parrot Pot update.

The reliability of the advice is dependent upon the quality of the data collected.


I would like more information on the measurement units used in this application.


Air temperature:

  • Variation: -5°C to +55°C (23°F to 131°F)
  • Precision: +/- 1.5°C (+/- 2.7 F)

The satisfactory temperature range for most plants is generally between 10 and 32°C (50 F to 90 F) (average over one day). Find out more about temperature tips in plant dedicated pages.



  • Variation: 0 to 500 klux
  • Precision: +/- 15%

The luminosity sensor is calibrated to measure the Photo synthetically Active Radiation (PAR), which designates the spectral range of solar radiation from 400 to 700 nm. 


Soil moisture level:

  • Variation: 0 & agrave; 50 (%)
  • Precision: +/-3

The typical soil moisture range is generally between 8% (very dry) to 45% (saturated). In the absence of soil, the moisture range of the soil displayed will be 0. Most plants generally require a moisture range of the soil between 12% and 18%. Some plants can be damaged if the moisture range of the soil is over 40% during a long period. Water saturation encourages the apparition of pathogen agents in the soil and plants need oxygen at the roots.


My Parrot Pot indicates that the fertilizer level is not available. Why?


The fertilizer level is measured when the soil is damp. This data should therefore be displayed 24 hours after associating the Parrot Pot with a plant and a few hours after watering.


If the fertilizer level of your plant is very high and the soil is constantly moist, Parrot Pot cannot provide precise data and the application will indicate that the data is not available. Water your plant generously to remove the excess fertilizer and drain the soil correctly after. A high level of fertilizer is likely to deteriorate the plant.


What can I do if my plant is too hot or too cold?


A houseplant that is too hot can be moved to a place near a water point where there are other plants.


Avoid long exposure to the sun during the day. Keep away from walls, alleys, rocks or any other object susceptible to absorb heat during the day. Inversely, a houseplant that is too cold can be brought closer to these elements.


If your house-plant is too hot, make sure that it is not close to a radiator or another source of heat (for example: window in bright daylight).


What quantity of fertilizer should I give my plant?


When Parrot Pot asks you to give your plant some fertilizer, follow the manufacturer's instruction, particularly regarding diluting the fertilizer in water. If using liquid fertilizer, pour directly into the plant, not in the water tank.


Do not add fertilizer to the water tank. This will distort the water level indicators, making it unreliable. Do not water with too much fertilizer. It is preferable to water properly once with fertilizer rather than several consecutive times.


What should I do if there is too much fertilizer?


If the fertilizer level of your plant is very high and the soil is constantly moist, Parrot Pot cannot provide precise data and the application will indicate that the data is not available. Water your plant generously to remove the excess fertilizer and drain the soil correctly after. A high level of fertilizer is likely to deteriorate the plant.


Don't forget to empty the saucer after generously watering your plant.


What happens if I cannot respond to the needs of my plant (in terms of luminosity for example)?


Generally you have a few days to react to orange alerts.


Water is the most critical factor for the survival of a plant. If you foresee being away from your home, make sure that you fill the water tank properly and that you choose the correct watering mode (Refer to the descriptions relative to the Parrot Pot watering modes) before leaving.


If you cannot fulfil the conditions favorable to your plants in terms of temperature and luminosity, your plant will survive but will not grow much or will not grow at all.


If you find that your plant is not adapted to your environment, go to the Suggestion section of the application and choose another plant.



Why does the Parrot Flower Power app ask for access permissions?


These permissions allow access to all the app's features. For example, requesting access to your geographical position is used to suggest to you the plants which best correspond to the climate of your region. Furthermore, following restrictions in Android 6, you must accept GPS position access of your smartphone in order to connect to the Parrot Pot or the Parrot Flower Power.



Can I use my smartphone while my Parrot Pot or my Parrot Flower Power is updating?


With Android, updating your sensor can last between 5 to 10 minutes for Android and between 30 seconds and 2 minutes for iOS. During the update, you cannot navigate in the app. However, you can continue to use your smartphone with the Parrot Flower Power app in the background, while staying near to your sensor.



I can no longer connect to my Parrot products with my iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus, why?


The Bluetooth of your iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus may have difficulties connecting to Bluetooth products.

If you encounter this problem, reset the network settings of your iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus. To do this, from your iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus, go into Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

This procedure only resets the networking settings and not your iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus.



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