Getting started with the Parrot Flower Power appli...

Downloading the application


Using your smartphone or your tablet, connect to the App Store® (iOS) or Google PlayTM (AndroidTM), and download the free Parrot Flower Power application.


app FP.PNG


 Use the Parrot Flower Power app to monitor every aspect of the health of your plant: light level, temperature, fertilizer level, and ground humidity.



Creating a garden


1.   Turn on your smartphone/tablet and make sure Bluetooth® is switched on.


2.   Open Parrot Flower Power app.


3.   Tap Start your garden.


strt.jpg 4.   Create an account to save your data, or tap Later.



You can now link a plant to your Parrot Pot.



Link a plant to your Parrot Pot


In the Parrot Flower Power application:


1.   Select your Parrot Pot.


2.   Tap Add a Plant.


3.   Tap Access PlantDB to select your plant from the Plant Database.


selectPlnt_2.jpg 4.   Name your plant.


5.   Select your plant's environment: inside or outside.


6.   Take a picture of your plant, or select a picture from the Plant Database.


Your plant is now linked to the Parrot Pot.



PlantDB filter


If you are confused about which plant to choose, Parrot Flower Power's Plant DB filter can help you decide.


To access filter:


1.   From My garden page, go to  icone_menu.png > PlantDB.

2.   At PlantDB page, tap filter.png




The Fliter page opens.



Think of Filter as an assistant that will help you "build" the plant you want. Scroll down from this page for more options.






Select the features you want: interior plant, irregularly shaped, blooms in green during spring, etc., and PlantDB will make its recommendations based on the criteria you set.