Maintenance and repair

Main precautions


Following instructions below to avoid damaging your Parrot Pot:


  • Do not let it drop.
  • Only pour water into the water tank (no fertilizer or other liquid).
  • Do not submerge the electronic parts in water.
  • Do not leave the Parrot Pot outside if the temperature drops below 23 F/-5°C while the water tank is still full. If the temperature is between 32 F/0°C and 23 F/-5°C, either empty the water tank and leave the Parrot Pot outside, or bring the Parrot Pot inside.


What type of battery to use


Use only non-rechargeable 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries.


*Note: Always dispose used batteries at a designated collection point.



When to change the batteries


When the battery level of the Parrot Pot is low, the warning light flashes red. You may also download the Parrot Flower Power mobile app to get the precise battery level. The app will notify you when the battery level is down to 10%.



Can I leave my Parrot Pot outside all year around?


You can leave the Parrot Pot outside as long as the temperature does not drop below freezing point (32 F/0°C), as frost might cause damages to the electronics. We recommend bringing in your Parrot Pot during periods of frost, or just empty the water tank.



Cleaning the Parrot Pot


1.   Remove the container from the water reservoir.



2.   Unlock and remove the internal water tank from the external water tank.




3.   Clean the Parrot Pot and the inside water tank with a slightly moistened cloth.


4.   Clean the water filter, the outside water tank, and the saucer using a sponge and cleaning liquid or place them in the dishwasher. DO NOT clean other parts this way, as they contain electronic components.


5.   Make sure that all parts are dry before reassemble the Parrot Pot.