Managing your plant using the plant dashboard


After successfully linking your new plant, you can now use plant dashboard to help you monitor and manage the well-being of your plant.


To access plant dashboard: go to My garden and tap your plant.

> The dashboard page opens.



From the dashboard you can access information on your plant, as well as the best care-taking instructions.



Tap icone_settings.png  to open the plant information page.

From firmware version to its name and image, this page displays information pertaining to your plant particularly.





 Tap i.png to access care instructions.




Everything you need to know to ensure the healthy growth of your plant is here, including nomenclature, frequency of watering, and optimal fertilizer level.



Plant dashboard is also a complete monitoring system that safeguards your plant's water and fertilizer levels, temperature, and lighting conditions. For example:


Tap the Light icon to see the current lighting condition.




Tap Expand to access more detailed information on lighting condition.




You can tap the icons for water, fertilizer, and temperature conditions to ascertain their current information.


Tap auto.png  to choose different watering modes.




Or tap waterNow.png to water at any moment.



Tap grf.png  to access the graph.




The graph represents a summary of day-to-day caring activities for your plant for up to 1 year.