The warning light on my Parrot Pot blinks green but the water tank is full


Parrot Pot has detected a problem with the watering system.


Install the Parrot Flower Power application, and link your Parrot Pot to the application to find out the cause of the problem, or go to



The saucer of my Parrot Pot often overflows


Excess water in the saucer will result in overflowing. Make sure you regularly empty the saucer to prevent overflowing.


*Note: If your Parrot Pot is outside, the saucer will overflow during heavy rain.



I dropped lots of soil in the water tank and the pump is clogged. What can I do?


You can dismantle the pump compartment and rinse the pump with water. If that doesn't help, you may have to replace the pump. You can order it as a spare part at



The soil is dry but Parrot Pot only waters lightly. Is this normal?


The moisture sensor is placed in the soil to analyze the moisture rate of the soil precisely. Even if the surface of the soil feels dry, underneath it is actually sufficiently watered, thanks to the intelligent watering systems-Perfect Drop and Plant Sitter. You can check the minimum recommended moisture rate and actual moisture rate in the graph:






My phone does not connect to the Parrot Pot


Check the following:

  • Does your phone have the latest OS version?
  • Does your phone support Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth low energy)?
  • Is the Bluetooth function on your smart phone or tablet activated?
  • Remove and re-install Parrot Pot's batteries. When it restarts, check that the warning light is flashing green.

If you still cannot connect, call the after sale service.



In Parrot Flower Power application menu my Parrot Pot is greyed-out. Why?


This means that the Parrot Pot is already linked to an account on the application. A message asks you if you still want to use this Parrot Pot. Answer Ok or Cancel.


To connect your Parrot Pot to several smart phones/tablets, use just one user account.



My Parrot Pot indicates that the fertilizer level is not available. Why?


The fertilizer level is measured when the soil is damp. This data is then displayed 24 hours after linking the Parrot Pot with a plant and a few hours after watering.


If the fertilizer level of your plant is very high and the soil is constantly moist, Parrot Pot will not be able to provide precise data and the application will indicate that the data is not available. Water your plant generously to remove the excess fertilizer and make sure that the soil is sufficiently drained. A high level of fertilizer is likely to deteriorate the plant.