Software Update Process

*Note: Skycontroller can only use a USB flash drive for updating.


1. Go to Parrot Skycontroller support page at


2. Under DOWNLOADS, click Software update to download the update file (.plf).




3. Move that file (nap_update.plf) to an empty USB flash drive (formatted to FAT32), and place it in the USB's root directoryDO NOT RENAME THE FILE.

4. Turn off the Parrot Skycontroller.


5. Connect the Parrot Skycontroller to a screen using a HDMI cable. This step is optional but it will allow you to view the update file installation status.


6. Connect the USB flash drive to the Parrot Skycontroller and turn it on.
> The update installation starts automatically.


7. On-screen message will tell you when updating is completed; Skycontroller reboots after installing updates.

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