Acrobatics with Parrot Swing


  1. Compatibility
  2. Performing acrobatics with the Parrot Swing
  3. Acrobatics overview






Parrot Swing : version 2.6.5 and above

FreeFlight Mini : iOS version 4.2.5 and above

                            Android version 4.0.49 and above


*Note : the Parrot Swing must be in plane mode to perform these acrobatics.

More information about the plane mode of the Parrot Swing.




Performing acrobatics with the Parrot Swing


When piloting with a smartphone


1.  Take off with your Parrot Swing and set it into plane mode by sliding X.png upward rapidly 3 times.

2.  On your smartphone, press follow_10.PNG  

> A drop-down list of acrobatics opens. 

3.  Select a pattern.

> The pattern's icon appears instead of follow_10.PNG.

4.  Double-tap at the center of your smartphone or tablet screen to perform the selected pattern.


When piloting with a Parrot Flypad


Controls for acrobatics on the Parrot Flypad.


1. Press R2 rapidly 3 times on the Flypad to switch to forward plane mode (white struts facing up).

2. As the Parrot Swing picks up speed, press button 1, 2, B, or A to execute acrobatic manuevers.




To reverse:

Press L2 for reverse plane mode (white struts facing down).



Acrobatics Overview



Pressing button B will make the Parrot Swing go up and then fly in the opposite directions. Use this maneuver to reverse direction and avoid obstacles. 




Left/right barrel roll 

Pressing button 1 or button 2 will make the Parrot Swing perform a right or left barrel roll. This maneuver is useful for going through confined spaces.  




Pressing button A will make the the Parrot Swing performs a complete circle.

*Caution: make sure you are in an open space with at least 30 ft./10 m all around the Parrot Swing before attempting this maneuver.




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