In this section you will learn how to charge the Parrot Flypad, connect it to your drone, and how to custom-configure the buttons to your liking.


*Note: Parrot Flypad is sold separately, and not mandatory for flying the Parrot Mambo or Swing.

**Note: currently there is no provision for updating software on the Parrot Flypad.







Charging the battery


1.   Connect the micro USB cable to Parrot Flypad’s micro-USB port.



2.   Connect the USB port to a computer or a USB power adapter. The charge LED turns red while charging is in progress. Once charging is complete, the LED turns green. Charging time is approximately 2 hours.


Fully charged, Parrot Flypad has a battery life about 6 hours.



Attaching the smartphone holder


Before using Parrot Flypad’s smartphone holder, make sure your smartphone does not exceed the following dimensions:

• Width: 3.1" / 79mm.
• Thickness:  0.4" / 10mm.


1.   Insert the smartphone holder’s tab into the slot at the top of the Parrot Flypad.



 2.   Tighten the screw to anchor the holder to the Parrot Flypad.



3.   Lock your smartphone onto the holder via the spring-loaded clamp.





Configuring Parrot Flypad's buttons


Before you start, make sure your smartphone is connected to both the Parrot Flypad and the drone.


See Operating the Swing with the Parrot Flypad on how to connect your phone to the Parrot Flypad and the drone.


1.   In FreeFlight Mini, tap conct.jpg


>> The list of Parrot Flypad buttons function opens.



2.   Select the function you want to change.

3.   On the Flypad, press the button to which you want to assign the function.
>> The button and the function are now linked, and the configuration is saved for your next flight.


To return to the default settings, press Reset.



Status light indications





Turning off the Parrot Flypad


To turn off the Parrot Flypad, press and hold down the On/Off button for a few seconds, the button light flashes red before powering off.

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